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Terms and Conditions of Charter Bookings

All Charter Bookings are subject to the following Terms and Conditions, please read this carefully.


Any quotes provided by NZ Bus will be assessed on the most suitable route unless otherwise requested. Should the Charter Organiser or Charter Group request changes to the itinary route or times after the quote has been issued, NZ Bus may adjust any quoted rate accordingly.
All NZ Bus quotations are given on the understanding that the driving hours comply with current legislation and regulations. NZ Bus will not accept changes to either an itinerary route or times that may result in any risk of a breach of such legislation and regulations.
All quotations are in New Zealand currency and are inclusive of GST.


Charters are subject to availability at the time confirmation is received. NZ Bus requires confirmation of the booking at least 3 working days prior to the departure date (unless otherwise advised at the time of booking). Upon confirmation of the Charter booking the Charter Organiser will be issued with the Charter Confirmation Form by either facsimile or email.
Bookings confirmed less than 3 working days prior to the departure date may incur additional costs.

Charter Organiser

Every Charter Group must nominate a Charter Organiser who is responsible for the Charter Group and will be the contact person for the Charter. The Charter Organiser must ensure that they have a copy of the Charter Confirmation Form with them on the departure date.

Departure time and point

The Charter Organiser is responsible for ensuring their group is at the stated departure point, ready to depart at least 5 minutes prior to the departure time. The departure point and time will be clearly stated on the Charter Confirmation Form. If late arrival of the Charter Group results in the charter being delayed, resulting in NZ Bus incurring additional costs, those costs may be charged to the Charter Organiser.
Drivers are instructed to be at the departure points and cannot take alterations unless this is agreed in advance with the Depot Controllers or Charter Department. Alterations to the departure point may incur additional charges.
We will use our best endeavours to meet the quoted departure times. NZ Bus cannot be held liable for any delays that result from circumstances beyond our control.


The Charter Organiser will be responsible for meeting any costs of repairing damage to the buses, or cleaning the buses as a result of the conduct and actions of the Charter Group Members. Once the cost of completing the repairs or cleaning is determined, an invoice will be forwarded for immediate payment.
The Charter Organiser may be required to provide a credit card as security.


Charters cancelled with less than 3 working days notice may incur a 30% ‘Cancellation Charge’ of the full price. Charters re-booked less than 3 working days notice may incur a 20% ‘Cancellation Charge’, based on the total cost of the charter.
Charters cancelled or re-booked with more than 3 working days notice will incur no charge.


NZ Bus may require the payment of a deposit from any Charter hirer, and requires any first time Charter hirer to make payment in full upon confirmation of their bookings.
Regular customers must pay in full on receipt of invoices that are sent weekly. Payment should be made in accordance with the payment instructions noted on the invoice. Non-payment of any invoice will result in the matter being referred to our debt collectors with any costs of collection charged to the Charter Organiser.
Certain organisations have instructed NZ Bus to only book charters on receipt of a purchase order number. It is the Charter Organiser’s responsibility to provide these upon confirmation of their booking. If for any reason one is not provided with the booking, the Charter Organiser is responsible for providing payment.


Under section 38 of the Summary Offences Act 1981 "there is a total ban on the consumption of alcohol on any passenger services vehicle including on charter". NZ Bus ensures compliance by banning the consumption of alcohol on all of our vehicles.
NZ Bus does not permit smoking on any of our vehicles.
NZ Bus Drivers reserve the right to terminate the charter immediately if there is unsociable or unruly behaviour on or off the vehicle at any time. If necessary, NZ Bus drivers have the right to call the police.


NZ Bus will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from any activity associated with the charter. This includes, but is not limited to: loss, injury or damage as a result of, fire, machinery breakdown, civil disturbances, theft, delays, itinerary changes, adverse weather, or any costs associated with late arrival to delivery points.
NZ Bus will ensure every reasonable effort is made to carry out the Charter Organiser’s requirements but reserves the right to substitute alternative vehicles at its option in the event of unanticipated circumstances which necessitate a change.
NZ Bus will not be held responsible for damaged luggage, luggage left behind on the coach, or theft of luggage that is directly the result of passenger interference.
NZ Bus does not guarantee to complete any journey in a given time and will not accept liability for any loss or inconvenience which may arise from the delay or detention, or from any breakdown of any vehicle arising from any cause whatever.


NZ Bus Drivers can not undertake requested itinerary changes from a group without prior approval from the NZ Bus charter office.
The New Zealand Transport Agency requires NZ Bus Drivers to comply with legal hours of duty. NZ Bus will only accept quotes that comply with New Zealand legislation relating to these requirements and will advise the Charter Organiser of any Charter itinerary changes required to comply with legal driving hours if applicable.

Public Holidays

Charters that that require travel over or during a public holiday will be charged at a holiday rate for each day that falls on a public holiday.

No Waiver of Conditions

No agent, representative, or employee of NZ Bus is authorised to waive the application of any of these Conditions or of any Rules.

New Zealand Laws

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects in accordance with New Zealand law and subject to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.